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way your users do
User experience testing.
Real devices.
Real networks.

What is App Insight?

Simply put App Insight allows you to test and monitor your app instantly on mobile networks globally.  With our first-of-its-kind cloud platform that allows apps to instantaneously run on real iOS & Android devices on real global mobile networks.

App Insight is powered by Head Spin & we’re revolutionising the way developer’s pre & post-test Apps.


How does it work?

App Insight uses a combination of algorithmic & Artificial intelligence to pinpoint issues in your network such as download speed, response times, network disruptions and application bugs.

AppInsight can then provide reports to your developers so they can fix the issues without spending massive amounts of time finding them.

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Global reach.

Our mobile platform is now in 100 countries and 150 cities worldwide, supporting over 2,200 mobile networks with over 22,000 devices.

Let us support your business anywhere in the world.

Who uses our platform?

Our platform is used by over 1,000 Companies worldwide including the ‘who’s who’ of the IT world.

“[App Insight’s] data-driven platform is able to proactively uncover ‘hidden insights’ through learning. This helps us fix our app issues before launch and have something reliable and repeatable to test or measure.”

Maria Zhang
CTO, Tinder

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