Performance Management

HeadSpin Performance Management™ automatically captures user experience issues so that you can identify, isolate, and prioritise performance fixes.

Remote Testing

HeadSpin Remote Testing™ gives you access to devices connected to mobile networks around the world right from your web browser. Test your app in real world conditions—pre and post release. Find and reproduce bugs with ease.

Real-time audio playback and voice support

Check and measure audio quality around the world for speech enabled apps and audio streaming

Continuous Monitoring

HeadSpin Continuous Monitoring™ monitors your critical user experience KPIs and automatically alerts you to irregularities—not just at the time of an incident but beforehand.

Hosted or On-Premise

On premise Pbox is setup on onsite supporting Android and iOS devices.

Hosted devices are hosted in the App Insight cloud.

Both platforms support Automation, Performance Management, and Monitoring & Network Testing including:

  • Head Spin remote testing
  • AI Powered issue detection
  • User experience testing
  • Video, Voice & speaker testing for apps
  • And much much more

Headspin Demo

Watch the video below for an introductory demonstration to the headspin platform.

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